Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SPECIAL offer 20min phone Coaching Change Session

SPECIAL offer phone coaching change session for you, or your friends,  £10 (worth £30 – usual price)
1-to1 Coaching
·         Dealing with change?
·         Stress at work?
·         Want to feel happier, increase your sense of health or well-being?

Problem to solve ~ Decision to make ~  Attitude to Change

to book your session now for a specific topic or question you would like to cover in this 20 min session Email me CLICK HERE with Phone Coaching Change Session in the subject

Only 10 per month available 

Monday, June 21, 2010

inspirehighest Social Media launched

Today seems a good day to start the Social Media. Here I will share with you top tips, inspirations, resources and updates on my work and what I offer.

There is a lot of change, and challenge going on in the world and a lot to be so very thankful for and inspired by. 

My wish for this Blog, the websites, Twitter and YouTube and the work that I offer, is is that they truly will inspire and nurture many people to reach their highest potential. And that this will contribute to us reaching our highest potential as we go through these times of transition that we live in.